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Posted on November 26, 2017

gse jumpstart ends, which permits Super De Duper ex-Goldman Mortgage Market Saver of OneWest and Master of that Universe to deal with the Senior Preferred Securities Purchase Agreement, which are often referred to as the senior preferred or government preferred or government equity.

It’s all the same. For those of you following me, I’m going to start cross posting my iHub remarks from iHub to my blog at because of iHubs liberal viewpoint on deleting my comments as of late. It’s unbelievable, but humorous. It’s also why I got banned from the google groups board, I’m sure.

Moelis will be the plan. GSE Jumpstart expires January 1, 2018, or January 2, 2018. I don’t recall quite honestly and wrong or write I don’t know the difference. I just know what’s wrong when I see it and it matters. If it doesn’t matter I only belatedly attempt to get my facts straight when I’m revising articles, otherwise it’s just whatever I thought at the time. Nobody is perfect.

Anyway, December 18.

So review the moelis plan, the companies will begin to recapitalize. New commons will be sold. New preferred will be sold. Existing holders will have their rights restored.

It’s going to take a few years according to the plan for it to be completed.


view original to see if they deleted it … or nah


other one:

also not true..

at these g-fee levels they need less capital than they used to have but what they really need is to figure out why all these dead flies are on my balcony.. like really? why are there at least a hundred here. there has to be a reason

anyway, they just need the government to somehow promise or swear it wont use accounting fraud against them in the future to steal their money

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