Posted on October 4, 2017


The parties presented Judge Lamberth with a proposal calling to proceed on this timetable:

— by Oct. 13, 2017, Shareholders will advise FHFA about how they intend to amend their complaints;
— by Oct. 20, 2017, FHFA will advise Shareholders if it intends to oppose the filing of amended complaints;
— by Nov. 1, 2017, Shareholders will file motions for leave to file amended complaints;
— by Jan. 10, 2018, FHFA will file any opposition to the motions to amend, and Treasury and FHFA will file their motions to dismiss;
— by Feb. 12, 2018, Shareholders will reply to any opposition FHFA has about the filing on amended complaints, and Shareholders will respond to the motions to dismiss; and
— by Mar. 18, 2018, FHFA and Treasury will file replies in support of their motions to dismiss.

A copy of today’s filing is attached to this e-mail message.

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