Posted on September 8, 2017

Treasury delivered it’s motion to dismiss and a memorandum in support to the District Court today, and copies of those filings are attached to this e-mail message.  Treasury argues, among other things, that the Rop Plaintiffs should have asserted their constitutional claims in the Perry or Saxton proceedings, and since they didn’t, those claims are now improper.17-cv-00497-0022 17-cv-00497-0023


FHFA delivered its brief to the Fifth Circuit this evening arguing that shareholder litigation is barred by HERA, FHFA stands in all shareholders shoes, and there’s no constitutional problem with FHFA.  A copy of FHFA’s brief is attached to this e-mail message, and a handful of large documents FHFA wants to make sure the Fifth Circuit sees are posted at http://bankrupt.com//misc/17-20364-00514149152.pdf

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