Posted on June 13, 2017

Because the government’s lawyers are busy and because of summer vacation plans, Treasury needs more time to prepare and file its brief responding to the Roberts Plaintiffs.  Accordingly, with the Roberts Plaintiffs’ consent, the Seventh Circuit granted the government a 30-day extension.  Trewasury and FHFA’s briefs are now due by Aug. 7, and the ROberts Plaintiffs’ reply brief is now due by Aug. 21.  Copies of the government’s request and the Court’s order are attached to this e-mail message.17-1880-0019 17-1880-0020


FHFA tells Judge Scola no more Court-generated paperwork is necessary and urges him to decline the Edwards Plaintiffs’ request for a separate formal judgment.  Deliotte supports FHFA’s position, and copies of FHFA and Deloitte’s responses are attached to this e-mail message.16-cv-21221-0063 16-cv-21221-0064

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