Posted on February 10, 2017

Ms. Robinson filed her Opening Brief in the Sixth Circuit this evening, and a copy is attached to this e-mail message.

Ms. Robinson challenges Chief Judge Caldwell’s reasoning in her decision dismissing her lawsuit against FHFA and Treasury filed ion Kentucky, telling the Sixth Circuit that FHFA and Treasury exceeded their authority under HERA and turns all common understanding of a conservator’s role on its head.  Ms. Robinson urges the Sixth Circuit to reverse Chief Judge Caldwell’s decision and allow her lawsuit against FHFA and Treasury to proceed to trial.16-6680-0022


Judge Scola entered an order this evening dismissing the Edwards Plaintiffs’ lawsuit against Deloitte based on FHFA’s request standing in those shareholders’ shoes.  Judge Scola doesn’t care about whatever else the Edwards Plaintiffs might want to say.  A copy of Judge Scola’s order is attached to this e-mail message.16-cv-21221-0056

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