“exhaustive depositions of key FHFA officials” I hear Demarco fell asleep $FNMA #FANNIEGATE

Posted on June 1, 2015

Fairholme has also taken exhaustive depositions of key FHFA officials related to the Third Amendment, and has noticed the depositions of present and former Treasury officials.

The question you have to ask yourself is if he fell asleep while he was head of FHFA or during the deposition? Think he sleeps well now? I pray for that man and his kin so I hope so. No one has made any mistakes here that can’t be easily fixed. That’s what the courts are for I guess, to promote the fair treatment of people, so while we wait I just want all of you readers to remember that I don’t mind spending my time speaking the truth in ways previously not yet spoken. But hey, if I was any good at it, I’d probably be doing something else, but not somewhere else, I got out of that city of gossip a lot more than you should ever be able to if you don’t observe reality as well as you listen to people who craft pathetic lies for the masses (Wallison, Carney, pffft), It’s like a race or some sort of achievement for patheticism that these people are after, it’s going to be interesting to see if Carney retires or something after this plays through like a foursome on the golf course, has he got pocket rockets or is he more of a chump than we all think he is, you see, I’m a believer in that paragidm that the simplest view is the most accurate one. I think that Carney, Demarco, Stegman, Wallison, et. al are just confused people and are easy to explain once you begin to realize how not smart people are in this world, and how things break and how you never got 100% on all of your anything either, and this is no different, this will be much more than that.



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